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About Montana Skullworks

Immortalize Your Trophy Forever

Montana Skullworks was started in 1992. With the use of dermestid beetles and our formula for degreasing and whitening, we offer one of the best finished skulls in the taxidermy industry.
With thousands of skulls under our belt, you can count on Montana Skullworks to give your trophy the attention it deserves.


In 2000 Montana Skullworks started putting real metal on skulls. We were the first skull cleaning business to use and offer this process on skulls and consider our finished product to be the best. This is a patented cold process that uses metal and a polymer binder. It is applied in a very thin layer to preserve all detail and cut back on excess weight. After coating, the piece is sandblasted to remove oxides. A patina is then put on it which will turn the piece black. Afterwards, it will be polished, leaving the recessed areas black which will give the piece a cast look. We offer bronze, nickel-silver, copper and brass metals.

After it is polished, a ceramic coating is put on. We have tried other coatings throughout the years and have found this one to be the best. It will put a hard and durable coating on the metal , that could actually stand up to the outside elements. Your skull will be transformed in to an art piece that will last a lifetime and look good in any décor.

Many customers have asked us about repairing broken skulls. We have repaired hundreds of skulls to be bronzed. In all but the most severe cases, the repair is not noticeable when complete. Contact us with any questions or for a quote on repair. If you would like to repair it yourself, we have had excellent results with Aves brand, Apoxie Sculpt. This can be found in most taxidermy supply catalogs.

We also offer leaving the teeth white. This gives the skull a very good look. 3 out of 4 people at the shows we go to like this look better. But as with anything it’s all in what you like. We charge $20.00 more for this as it is time consuming but worth the effort. On hogs we only do the front teeth and tusks this way, the molars are metalized. *White teeth not available on deer, elk, antelope and like skulls.

New to Montana Skullworks is putting metal on shed antlers. This has to be seen to be appreciated. We have done elk Sheds for Bass Pro and many others who want that special shed transformed in to a beautiful showpiece. This works well for those sheds that have been bleached white by time and those that have cracks and have been chewed on. You can repair them or we can do it for you.

We look forward to helping you transform your next trophy into a work of art!

Montana Skullworks

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1531 Warland Creek Rd, Libby, MT 59923