Skull Cleaning
1531 Warland Creek Rd
Libby MT, 59923
(406) 293-8656
Additional Info
Shipping Instructions

Montana Skullworks does not require you to prep the skull. We will do that. Our only Requirement is that the head be skinned. After that, you can take any meat off to save on shipping weight. It is up to you.

~Freeze solid if Possible
~Wrap in several bags to prevent leakage.
~Line box with newspaper
~If item has antlers, cover tips with garden hose or use shotgun shells to prevent them from piercing the box.
~Take care to pack around heads to keep them from moving around in box.
~Ship Normal
UPS Ground on Mondays (so we get it by Friday.)
~Enclose a packing list in box.
~We do not require a deposit. You will be notified upon receiving your heads, and again when heads are complete to handle payment.
~Include E-mail Address if Applicable