Skull Cleaning
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Libby MT, 59923
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Additional Info
Q:  How long does it take to clean and bleach my skull and when can I expect to recieve my finished product?

:  The beetles will clean a deer or similar size skull in 1-2 days. The degreasing process is 2 weeks and to whiten and seal takes about a week. Normal turnaround time is from 3-5 months due to the volume of skulls that we process.

Q:  How do you recommend I ship my skull to you?

:  The only prep work we require is that the head be skinned. The best way to package is to wrap the head in plastic wrap or bags then wrap in newspaper and put head in another plastic bag. You cannot over wrap. It is important that the head doesn’t leak through the box. Freeze if possible. Line a sturdy cardboard box with newspaper. ( to contain any moisture and insulate ) Fill in voids with crumpled paper ect. Do not let the heads bounce around in box. Ship normal UPS ground and always ship on a Monday to avoid weekend stays in a terminal.

Q:  Does metalizing harm my skull or antlers?

:   No. The metal process transforms your trophy in to an art piece that will last forever. The only thing you will ever need to do is dust it.

Q:  What is the best way to keep my trophy clean after bleaching or metalizing?

:  Both a whitened skull and one that has been metalized have a coating on them. All you will need to do is dust them.